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Are you a person wanting to connect with others to make positive changes in your community and the world? Rotary joins together dedicated men and women who share a passion for community service and friendship.

If this sounds like you, please contact us - 0800 4 768 279
Rotary is about new experiences and soon you can have one on 11 November!
You can do it! Join - meet - enjoy a ride with others.
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We are - people of action
At the recent Zone 8 Conference Gala Dinner help at Canberra’s Old Parliament House and attended by 500 delegates, RI Zone 8 Director Jessie Harman was presented with a specially designed NZ Pounamu and asked to convey a similar gift to RI President Jennifer Jones.  Representing the women past, present and incoming Governors of the New Zealand and Pacific Districts were Elaine Mead, Jenn Wong, Jennie Herring, Ingrid Waugh, Vineeta Nand, Marilyn Stevens, Jocelyn Hogg, Liz Courtney and Jan Boustead.
Each pounamu was packaged in a box and kete bag, along with a provenance on each. Jessie was absolutely blown away, touched and delighted. You could say the 'Crowd Went Wild' so New Zealand Pacific women Governors were well represented.
Carver, Sheree Warren https://evolvingstone8.wixsite.com/mysite/home, was provided the background on Jennifer Jones's 'Imagine Rotary' theme for this year and the two recipients to design the carvings so that they are full of meaning.
For both pounamu, the back has a weave pattern to indicate bringing people together and the weaving together of lives.
The front of Jennifer's (right) shows the theme design for her year.  For those who don't know, this was designed by an Aboriginal artist, which ties to the 2023 Melbourne Convention.
The meaning of the shapes is:
Circle and dots around it - Navigation star, our guiding light
7 Dots - Rotary's 7 Areas of Focus
Solid line underneath - represents a digging stick, used when doing hard work, a tool for getting things done - reflecting Rotarians as People of Action
The front of Jessie's (left) shows a koru and wave pattern - bit difficult to see in the photo.
The koru representing new beginnings, regeneration, growth and peace and the waves to represent waters around our Zone and how much Jesse loves walking around her beloved Lake Wendouree and sharing photos of its peaceful setting.
With the participation of the other Clubs involved [Remuera, St Johns, Ellerslie-Sunrise and Howick], each once a month, the foodpacking for the Salvation Army, centralised at Mt Wellington, and lead by the Newmarket and Papakura Clubs, continues to go well.
We have been packing – Covid permitting – every Wednesday morning for the last couple of years, presently averaging 320 food boxes each pack. With other teams involved on other days, the Salvation Army endeavours to keep up with the current demand on their Auckland centres. 
In particular, consistent assistance from members of the two lead clubs is acknowledged – the latter are also coordinating distribution from the Manukau Centre on a Tuesday morning.
We are operating with a very loyal team of “regulars” – warm thanks to all those involved. Further participation invited – pick your at least “once-a-month” Wednesday morning and come and join us!                                             
                             Where we started in 2020                   
                               And here we are now
Last pack for the year – Wednesday 14thDecember. Packing resumes – Wednesday 25thJanuary 2023
          Contacts:  Alan Hayward viv.alan@xtra.co.nz  or George Wilson george@thewilsons.kiwi.nz        
This September I encourage club presidents and district governors to vote YES to participating in the Zone 8 regionalisation pilot. Creating tomorrow | Rotary (creatingtomorrowrotary.org)

We need to use this opportunity to find ways to make it simpler and easier to be part of Rotary:

- Easier for clubs to ‘do’ Rotary – to connect, take action and deliver positive change
- Easier for members to take on leadership roles that actually can make a difference
- Easier to provide consistency and continuity in our strategy
- Easier to provide a united Rotary voice
- Easier for government and corporates to partner with us
- Enabling us to make decisions which genuinely suit the needs and lifestyles of people in our part of the world.

I am convinced we cannot ‘damage’ Rotary by participating in this pilot. There are enough guardrails and safety nets built into the initiative to ensure we can keep Rotary’s purpose and reputation safe.

As leaders of Rotary in our region, I know each of us wants Rotary to survive and thrive and be relevant for generations to come. Unchanged on our current trajectory, this will not occur.

I encourage all of us to take a deep breath, accept that uncertainty is uncomfortable, and give this a go ...

Extract from August 2022  Rotary Zone 8 Director's Report
Trees for Survival is an environmental education programme that involves young people growing and planting native trees to restore natural habitats and helping landowners revegetate erosion prone land, improve stream flow and water quality and increase biodiversity. 
The organisation was founded by Rotary over 30 years ago and enjoys their continued support. Trees for Survival has planted well over 2.0 million trees and is growing rapidly. While being strongest in the Auckland region it has a presence in many parts of New Zealand. 
Details can be found on our website www.tfsnz.org.nz
We are seeking to employ an experienced Manager who will have the ability to work with Central and Local Governments, be competent in raising funds from the business community and continue to grow the organisation while overseeing the running of the enterprise.
This position will suit a disciplined and capable person with vision and foresight, who can join a small team making a significant difference to our environment.  A background in education, environment or horticulture could be an advantage, but a clear thinking businessperson, with the ability to manage the organisation and to sell the benefits to potential sponsors is most likely to be successful.
This is an Auckland based, full-time, work from home position, with flexible working hours.
Please respond in the first instance to the Board Chairman, Trees for Survival. chair@tfsnz.org.nz
November 2022