Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA)
“MUNA was amazing and changed my life.  After MUNA I was so inspired that instead of following science as a career, I went on to do international politics.”  - Participant
Friday 26th and Saturday 27th May 2023
Participants:      Year 12 and 13 Students from Districts 9910 and 9920
MUNA simulates the working of the United Nations Assembly by having schools in teams of two or three Year 12 and 13 (Forms 6 and 7) students represent a participating UN country in debates on matters of world politics and social concern. Debates are held over a weekend from Friday morning to mid-afternoon Saturday.
Venue:    Auckland Girls Grammar School.
MUNA Goals:
1.  To develop in students an awareness of the United Nations and the international situation of the countries of the world.
2.  To enable students to improve their public speaking and debating skills.
3.  To encourage students to make informed comments on world problems.
4.  To encourage students to share their opinions and friendship with students from other schools.
Cost per team is $275 per team of three students. This is usually split between the school and the Rotary club.
6th to 10th February      -     Clubs  liaise with their affiliated school(s)
31st March                       -      Final date for entry forms to be submitted.
Jan Malcolm (Downtown)               0274442151