Throughout the Covid-19 crisis most clubs have found their own special ways to support their members and where practical, their community.  This is a small part of the Lautoka Rotary story as told from their Facebook page:
29 April
We started out assisting those in need during the pandemic. Then Hurricane Harold came through our islands leaving damaged homes, and further leaving people at a total loss of what would be on the table next. The worry of loss of income through unemployment was just as huge as losing possessions and livelihoods. We have partnered with Lautoka Ratepayers Association to deliver rations when we could not during the lock down period and we hope to be able to use them again in giving out assistance to those affected by the recent cyclone while still ensuring assistance to those affected by the pandemic can still meet their basic needs. What you may deem of no more use to you could be someone else's treasure. Help Rotary Lautoka, help us help them. Every little bit counts.
18 May
Fijitimes featured our Food pack donations in partnership with Lautoka Rate payers Association. ROTARY makes connections and has a wide network, to make our communities better. Thank you everyone!  [The deliberate strategy to film and write about their activity helped secure additional resources]
22 May
Save had just started work at Pan Pacific Restaurant when the Covid-19 pandemic struck. He lost his job and is in a family of 5. His sister in law worked at the same place so 2 job losses in the family.
Vou dancers. Since the pandemic all work has stopped as its mostly booking related to tourism and hotel and resort bookings. They have had to look for alternatives and are starting a large garden.
27 May
Quini works when cruise ships come in. Without their business she doesn't have a job. She is a single mum with 2 girls, 11 and 13. She has taken up a job as a housekeeper for 2 days to substitute her income. Rotary Lautoka met her and her girls (who got a ride in the back of the truck and couldn't stop laughing) on our trip to Nadi. Vinaka Quini
28 May
Not to be missed, our Rotarians Crystal and Jitendra are also doing what we are doing on the Lautoka Nadi corridor by assisting in their home area Rakiraki and fringe areas. Helping our hotel workers there.

The "Covid-19" story re Rotary has a very long way to go - please keep telling your stories including the unique aspects and the special heartwarming moments.