WCS Emergency Response Kits and Shelterbox Disaster Relief

The Rotary Clubs in New Zealand have disaster relief items available for immediate distribution to effected areas within the South Pacific.

Emergency Response Kits (ERKs)

Rotary ERKs are intended for use in civil disasters such as cyclones and floods in thePacific Islands, and in particular, to assist families survive the first days after the disaster until large scale aid reaches them. These boxes are produced in New Zealand and stored in New Zealand and throughout the South Pacific Islands and are available for immediate distribution. On receipt, a family will be able to construct a basic shelter, find food from the land and sea, cook and cloth themselves. The emptied plastic containers can hold 90 litres of water.
Go to http://www.rnzwcs.org/resources/ for the ERK Manual of Procedure and Contents List  
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ShelterBoxes have been described by the Red Cross as the best form of primary aid in disaster situations they have seen in 25 years, which probably means ever. To date they have been delivered to over 90 countries following all types of natural disasters, and into war zones as the result of conflict. As at May 2015, more than 135,000 boxes have been delivered, assuring shelter for well over 1 million displaced people. A typical ShelterBox includes a domed tent for an extended family, blankets or sleeping bags, multifuel stove, water carriers and water purification tablets, solar lighting, eating and cooking utensils, treated mosquitoes nets, and a children's activity pack. The cost of $1500.00 includes total purchase, insurance and delivery to a disaster anywhere in the world.
For full details please go to www.shelterbox.org.nz 
For more information contact the World & Community Service committee