that there are EIGHT different club models?
Question for you:  if you are a Rotarian, which model is your club and what can your club borrow from the others to enhance your club so it is a good fit for all members?  Things change in life so if your club is not longer best for you then you can transfer to one that does suit.  After all, you deserve to enjoy your Rotary.
Are you interested in Rotary but cannot find a club model that suits you?  The really great news is that Rotary is willing to start new clubs so why not be the driving force for a club that suits you and others like you in your community! Send an exploratory email via addressed to the District 9920 Membership Chair (Pam) or call 0800 4 ROTARY.
Rotary is a global network of 1.2 million neighbours, friends, leaders, and problem-solvers who see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change — across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.  The criteria for membership are simple.  For Rotary clubs, a member needs to be an adult — or for Rotaract clubs, a person age 18-30 — who demonstrates good character, integrity, and leadership; has a good reputation within their business or profession and community; and willing to serve in the community or have an impact elsewhere in the world.  All clubs share similar values and a passion for service, but no two clubs are the same because each community has its own unique needs.
Traditional Rotary ClubProfessionals and aspiring leaders who meet regularly for service, connections, and personal growthPeople looking for connections, service opportunities, and traditions
Learn more at Start a Club.
Satellite ClubA Rotary club sponsored by a traditional club but with its own meetings, projects, bylaws, and boardThose who want a club experience or meeting format or time other than what’s offered by the traditional clubs in the area
Learn more in the Guide to Satellite Clubs.
E-ClubA club that primarily meets onlinePeople who travel frequently, whose schedules make it difficult to meet in person, or who prefer an online experience
Learn more about online club meetings.
Passport ClubA Rotary club that allows members to attend other Rotary club meetings as long as they attend a specified number of meetings in their own club each yearPeople who travel frequently, or those who enjoy trying a variety of club experiences and meeting lots of new people
Learn more in the Guide to Passport Clubs.
Corporate ClubA club whose members (or most of them) work for the same employerEmployees of an organization who want to come together to do good in their community
Cause-Based ClubA club whose members are passionate about a particular cause and focus their service efforts in that areaPeople who want to connect with others while addressing a particular set of problems.
Alumni-Based ClubA club whose members (or most of them) are former Rotary or Rotary Foundation program participantsPeople who have participated in Rotary outside of a club
Rotaract ClubA club of members ages 18-30 that is sponsored by a Rotary club and often works with that club on projectsYounger people who want to serve their communities, develop leadership and professional skills, and have fun through service.
Learn more in the Rotaract Handbook.
All club models meet at least twice each month. With exception of Rotaract clubs, all active members pay US$68.00 (as at December 2019) in annual dues, are counted in Rotary International’s database, and have voting privileges.
[Reproduced from document via Regional Leaders Support, December 2019]