Trees for Survival is an environmental education programme that involves young people growing and planting native trees to restore natural habitats and helping landowners revegetate erosion prone land, improve stream flow and water quality and increase biodiversity. 
The organisation was founded by Rotary over 30 years ago and enjoys their continued support. Trees for Survival has planted well over 2.0 million trees and is growing rapidly. While being strongest in the Auckland region it has a presence in many parts of New Zealand. 
Details can be found on our website
We are seeking to employ an experienced Manager who will have the ability to work with Central and Local Governments, be competent in raising funds from the business community and continue to grow the organisation while overseeing the running of the enterprise.
This position will suit a disciplined and capable person with vision and foresight, who can join a small team making a significant difference to our environment.  A background in education, environment or horticulture could be an advantage, but a clear thinking businessperson, with the ability to manage the organisation and to sell the benefits to potential sponsors is most likely to be successful.
This is an Auckland based, full-time, work from home position, with flexible working hours.
Please respond in the first instance to the Board Chairman, Trees for Survival.