During a time of physical disconnection and isolation it is even more important to keep our social connections.  Rotarians join Rotary to do good in their community and give back, and stay because of the connections they make.  What might giving back look like in our changed world? 
How can we help Rotary stay strong, and even prosper, during a time when nothing is as it was, but people are seeking purpose and an opportunity to contribute.  Rotary has resources – people and financial resources.  We care and have a strong reputation.
Key is to start with ensuring we engage our existing Rotarians.  When people take a break from their regular routine for an extended period, they often find something else to fill that gap, or simply decide it wasn’t that important.
Some ideas:
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate
  • Encourage “user generated content”, i.e. make it a two way communication
  • Online club meetings – these are an obvious option, but there are some things that will make these meetings more engaging.  Have a look at the article from District 9500.
  • District wide online meetings
  • Set up a challenge for clubs to engage in – a project, competition, activity they can do in their own homes
  • Have online speakers come to your Zoom meeting.  What about inviting some of the speakers who didn’t make it to your district conference?
  • Share ideas for projects you can do collectively but remotely
  • Set up a phone tree to keep in contact – e.g. if you have committees or project teams, use this structure to keep people engaged and informed
  • Support vulnerable individual members – club buddies
  • Change your club newsletter or bulletin – e.g. inject some fun items, not just jokes but stories about members, recipes, travel stories …….
  • Work on updating your club website (see some suggestions below)
  • Review and refresh your club strategic plan
  • Carry out a needs analysis in your local community by phoning and talking with people – what are the real needs in your community?
  • Identify community partners, both for now and the future -  which other groups might you partner with?
  • Become virtual mentors for young people, especially Rotaractors
  • Do some learning through the many learning modules in the Learning Center - https://learn.rotary.org/members/learn/catalog .  Run  a webinar - https://my.rotary.org/en/learning-reference/webinars/on-demand
Learning modules and Webinars can be run through Zoom as a group.
  • Within the guidelines for lockdown – volunteer to run errands for those who need it
  • Engage with other community organisations, e.g Meals on Wheels
  • Start planning for recovery – How do we want our club to look after this is over?  What projects could you pick up?  Who could you partner with?
  • Update the District website , e.g. these tips from District 9800:
If you go to this site and click on the contact us button, it generates a proforma email where non Rotarians can offer to assist on Rotary projects We have also registered the domain name www.rotaryvolunteer.org.au and directed it to this page
No activity can breach the Alert Level 4 (Lockdown) or any other Alert Level conditions and all guidance from the Ministry of Health and Government must be adhered to.

WANTED:  Your ideas on projects that can be done during or immediately after the Lockout period to help the needy in your community.  Email these to colin_robinson@rotaryoceania.zone and they will be added to this list.