As things return to some normality, what needs to be done to create a 'new normal'?   That place, where as a club, we can actually build on past successes, overcome some of the past bottlenecks to progress and embed that vibrancy we all crave.
There is a sentiment to create a new normal and not return to blindly continuing how things were before just because they are familiar.  The crisis of the last few weeks had made a couple of things very apparent for many.  Firstly, many are not actually doing so well with a steady membership decline along with a declining engagement in the community. This affects member satisfaction not least because that engagement is the primary reason members joined in the first place.  Many Rotarians have an unspoken aspiration for a more active club. 
Secondly, the seemingly inherent reluctance to change how many clubs operated has likely been overturned by the adoption of Zoom meetings and other operational processes developed during the crisis.  Opening a willingness by members for the club to explore a refreshed way of doing things.  Few members will be suggesting throwing out the old and bringing in a whole new way of doing things.  But they will be saying "let's examine what we do and look for the improvements", especially around broadening engagement within the club and with the community.
 “So let’s get on with it”.
First up may be to strengthen the availability of information about the club with the local community.
Now, we know that the absolute best way to communicate is person to person.  If only it was possible (and it is) to get Rotarians chatting about Rotary to their friends and wider circle of acquaintances, then clubs might get somewhere quickly about gaining new people to engage with them.  So working on encouraging this over time is vital.
On the technology front, television is the gold standard for getting a message and news out there but who can afford that!  Same goes for radio and when it comes to newspapers, we continue to try by sending in club stories, but the outcomes are often dismal. 
So, what do clubs have control of that is easy to manage, does not cost too much in time or valuable funds and is effective?  Well, the club website is the foundation platform and must be excellent, but that is for another time.
The use of social media is such an enormous part of life that people use it on a daily basis.  Why? Because accessing and reading news and information via their favourite social media network has become the norm for most people.
Expanding the reach of the club to a relevant audience using social media has never been easier so, how to do this efficiently?
A start-off focus is to get at least 4 posts a week onto the club Facebook page which should be easy.  Start by providing a promotional notice of upcoming meetings to entice attendance and then make the, well-written and interesting, club bulletin available via a post = 2.  Another could be to highlight a story extracted from the bulletin.  May be about a past or an upcoming a project or activity = 3+.  Finally, clubs can share a post (or recreate as their own) from other Rotary Facebook pages or media that give an insight into the wider Rotary world.  Especially if these reinforce the value of something the club is doing = 4+.
Did you know that Facebook owns Instagram?  And did you know that while worldwide Facebook use is slightly higher than that of Instagram, probably the audience for each is different? 
So as an example, subject to some overlap, for the ages 25-44* with Facebook reaching 24.4% of the population and Instagram 25.8%, then using the two together means you are reaching 50.2% of the population.  If you then assume that these are the more relevant people for Rotary, then that is a extremely good percentage of the community!
So with the club Facebook working OK, it is really easy to set up an Instagram account and link that to the Facebook page in a way that means a single click of a button as a post is created, will place that post on Instagram automatically.  How easy is that!
For how to do this go to  Note that after your first Facebook post to Instagram connection the connection button shows automatically.  You do need to create your posts via the Publishing Tools.  So effectively the same, just a different place and it does not work with scheduled posts, although ways around that … you’ll quickly get the picture it is so easy.
By making this one of your first actions the club will start to build the audience as other initiatives are actioned over the coming months.
So, steady progress is the catch phrase … getting going and keep going, chipping away at what needs doing over time.
. * = Statista (2020)