It may not be radical or wildly Instagram worthy compared to pictures of Rotary volunteers delivering food parcels to grateful elderly or the myriad of other roles that are in the public eye, but Rotarians throughout New Zealand and the Pacific have been connecting with others fills a very essential function during this crisis.

Thank you to all who have and continue to willingly and brightly performed the role of cheer squad with your members and others who need perking up and to ensure people are not feeling isolated as they stay at home to keep all safe.


Thank you for the often unseen work done to keep community relationships vibrant, to work with the many people that ensure projects relevant for these times are identified, organised and delivered, and for keeping existing and planned projects 'alive' so when restrictions start to be lifted these can be reactivated and delivered to those in need for whom they are intended.

Thank you top everyone for your continued and enthusiastic support of your clubs. The on-line meetings are important for you to 'attend' as your presence adds to the well-being of all those who have joined in. And taking a minute to stay in touch with what Rotary is doing whether via Rotary Facebook pages or the many other avenues maintains your interest, your enthusiasm and your knowledge so that you can enjoy your Rotary and be a fully engaged member of your club. Please encourage your fellow members do similarly participate.

Thank you. Together we succeed.