(By Chris Osborne).
Rotaract Auckland recently held three events over three days, and we wanted to share the rollercoaster that those three days were.  One thing that you may notice, is that these events all were the results of collaborations with other parts of Rotary.  If any D9920 clubs would be interested in doing a collaborative event with Rotaract Auckland, then please let Rotaract know.
Day 1: Emergency Response Kit Packing:
I’m not going to lie, as my alarm went off far too early on Saturday morning I thought about pretending that I couldn’t hear it. Then I remembered that our club was off to ERK Packing for our third round, and suddenly I was awake (Helped by a bit of caffeine).  In the warehouse I met our newest member, who was dancing when she thought no one was watching, so I knew she was going to fit in great. We packed so many boxes that I lost count, but what I didn’t lose count of was how many pairs of gloves I managed to go through (three), or the number of Rotaractors for whom this was their first Rotary project (also three). 
Highlights of the Day:
- Seeing George Wilson (Papakura) dance for us.
- Getting into things and making a difference
- Lunch at Burgerfuel afterwards where we got to learn more about what makes each other tick and why we were there
Lowlights of the Day:
- Trying to catch the box cutter.  0/10 would not recommend.
- 8:30am start.
Day  2: World of Rotaract MoveForGECAF Virtual Games:
I woke up to a series of messages of people drinking progressively larger coffees.  After the 8:30am start on Saturday, we moved onto an 8am start on Sunday. Fortunately this event was located online, so Traffic was very light.  This was the first event in the MoveForGECAF Series involving Rotaract clubs from around the world.  We got to learn about what Rotaract was like in different parts of the world including Europe, the Pacific and Africa. 
There were some amazing games online, which had us all in tears. One such game was where members had an opportunity to take memes, and add text to them, like the one below. It was a great chance to also hear about some of the different plans coming together for the MoveForGECAF Day which is being held on the 5th of November.
If you are interested in financially supporting this amazing project then please donate here: https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/rotaract-and-rotary-give-every-child-a-future
Highlights of the day:
- I think that I laughed so hard that I wet myself.
- We learnt so much
Lowlights of the day:
- I think that I laughed so hard that I wet myself.
Day 3: Auckland City Mission Home Ground:
We held an event in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Auckland where we were invited to hear from Helen Robinson the CEO there.  It was honestly one of the best speakers I have ever had the privilege of hearing at Rotary, as she wove storiesstor in a way which painted such richness to parts of Auckland that often remain unseen.
Unfortunately she was able to rattle off statistics which made me sick to my stomach too. 20% of Aucklanders won’t have enough food to put on the table tonight, the demand for food parcels has increased six fold in less than 10 years and 40,000 families are inadequately housed tonight.  After hearing from her, we were provided with a tour of the space, and all I can say is that if you or your club ever get the opportunity to see the space, then grab it with both hands.
Highlights of the day:
- Getting to see Home Ground
Lowlights of the day:
- Some of the facts were very challenging to hear.  There is a massive community need.  How is Rotary going to rise to the challenge?