This years Polio Movie Event is fantastic for the whole family to enjoy together and clubs can arrange for screenings as part of raising funds for Polio Eradication.
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The movie is Ride Like a Girl, the story of Michelle Payne – the first female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup.  Take a couple of minutes to check the trailers… I think you’ll be inspired!
One of the key factors about Ride Like a Girl (RLAG) is that it’s a movie for the whole family – from boys and girls through to seniors.  It has a great message about the power of tenacity.
  •           In Australia, the movie will be released to the public on Thursday 26 September
  •           In New Zealand, it will be released on Thursday 24 October.
There may be an opportunity to arrange a pre-release screening and you will need to check the availability with the Cinema you plan to use. These Rotary events can be held any day of the week but we expect that a popular option will be family screenings on a weekend.  The movie also provides an opportunity for clubs to engage with their communities, so gala events are another great option, perhaps with a horsey theme.  Some clubs (or club groups) might choose to hold more than one event.
Rotary clubs will need to decide what timing works for them, perhaps work with other clubs in their vicinity, decide whether they want to do more than just the screening which will depend on the cinema, and of course promote their event to their networks, etc.
Clubs will also need to make arrangements with their local cinema.  There is no pre-defined deal and the clubs will need to negotiate this with the cinema.  A typical arrangement might be a cost of $10 paid to the cinema, with a ticket price of $20, but this varies by location.  Cinemas are not obliged to participate however most will welcome the opportunity to fill their theatre and gain word-of-mouth publicity for the movie.
By the way, the director of RLAG is Australian actress, Rachel Griffiths, the lead actor is Kiwi Sam Neill and Michelle Payne is played by Teresa Palmer.  To see an interview between Rachel Griffiths and Michelle Payne, click here.
Ride Like a Girl provides the perfect opportunity to have some fun, engage with community, get inspired… and of course raise lots of funds for End Polio Now.  Your help in making this year’s Polio Movie Event bigger than ever, by promoting the opportunity to your clubs, would be greatly appreciated.  And if you can help us by tracking the events held in your district and reporting on results, that would be extremely useful too.