Those who join the EVOLUTION show us that participation and the exercising an important choice to vote, provides a clear level of support to allow Rotarians to engage and learn what the direction Zone 8 will take to modernise and equip its members to deliver to communities we all support.
The zoom, face 2 face, personal and club meetings started in July and those discussions will continue up to the September vote.   I encourage you all to be well informed so that a vote is made with confidence by all those who participate. May I be as bold to suggest that a non-vote is a lack of confidence in the dreams and aspirations of our founder Paul Harris over 100 years ago.
Our Regional District Representative, Craig Horrocks, well supported by the Area Governor team to ensure that clubs and its members are well informed. To learn more please explore the following site,, to learn more.  this site is updated very often as more questions are asked.
As members you have been   given the opportunity to take the step to influence the direction of Rotary going forward for the next 100 years.  By participating in the Pilot programme, we make a choice for the future of Rotary.
RI Zone Director Jessie Harman has also had zone wide webinars that allow you to gain once again a more informed understanding of the purpose of both the vote and the Pilot going forward.
Rotary International Zone 8 Regionalisation Webinars
Six webinars are being held in July/Aug to brief any Rotarians or Rotaractors in Zone 8 who:
Are not able to attend a club briefing on Regionalisation
Are not able to attend District organised briefings on Regionalisation
Have additional questions or clarifications they are seeking
The host for the webinars will be Rotary International Director Jessie Harman.  Presenters will be Co-Chairs PDG Ingrid Waugh and PDG Peter Frueh.  Questions will be asked through the Chat function and will be moderated by Rotary International South Pacific and Philippines Office staff.  Duration will be one hour with approximately twenty minutes of introduction and presentation, with the remainder answering questions.
These webinars will be recorded and made available afterwards. Questions asked will be incorporated into the Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) and answers section of the website: