At the recent Zone 8 Conference Gala Dinner help at Canberra’s Old Parliament House and attended by 500 delegates, RI Zone 8 Director Jessie Harman was presented with a specially designed NZ Pounamu and asked to convey a similar gift to RI President Jennifer Jones.  Representing the women past, present and incoming Governors of the New Zealand and Pacific Districts were Elaine Mead, Jenn Wong, Jennie Herring, Ingrid Waugh, Vineeta Nand, Marilyn Stevens, Jocelyn Hogg, Liz Courtney and Jan Boustead.
Each pounamu was packaged in a box and kete bag, along with a provenance on each. Jessie was absolutely blown away, touched and delighted. You could say the 'Crowd Went Wild' so New Zealand Pacific women Governors were well represented.
Carver, Sheree Warren, was provided the background on Jennifer Jones's 'Imagine Rotary' theme for this year and the two recipients to design the carvings so that they are full of meaning.
For both pounamu, the back has a weave pattern to indicate bringing people together and the weaving together of lives.
The front of Jennifer's (right) shows the theme design for her year.  For those who don't know, this was designed by an Aboriginal artist, which ties to the 2023 Melbourne Convention.
The meaning of the shapes is:
Circle and dots around it - Navigation star, our guiding light
7 Dots - Rotary's 7 Areas of Focus
Solid line underneath - represents a digging stick, used when doing hard work, a tool for getting things done - reflecting Rotarians as People of Action
The front of Jessie's (left) shows a koru and wave pattern - bit difficult to see in the photo.
The koru representing new beginnings, regeneration, growth and peace and the waves to represent waters around our Zone and how much Jesse loves walking around her beloved Lake Wendouree and sharing photos of its peaceful setting.