Daily we can share in the experiences of others such as the delicious smell of cooking sausages and onions on the club BBQ along with the sound of the sizzle and the clink of coins into the bucket.  The buzz and tinkle of glasses and cutlery of a room full of people enjoying fine food and camaraderie at the Gala Night.  The shouts and cheers, maybe even jeers, in friendly competition at the Quiz Night. The feeling of the wind whipping through our hair as we cheer on the school team we have sponsored sport equipment for. 
We gain these experiences vicariously through Rotary friends as they hold their projects share their experiences on Fb. These are experiences that inspire us.  They are experiences that give us new ideas for our own projects and they are experiences that show our supporters we are doing things of value.
Share your projects by emailing these to cs.bg.robinson@xtra.co.nz – even a heads up as a lead is valued and your stories WILL be used.  That extra wide-spread publicity is a boost.
See what is happening in Rotary around you by going to the following an ‘Liking’ them – you will then see their news in your newsfeed: