Imagine being cold and trying to sleep. Thanks to Papatoetoe Central Rotary, for some most in need this has changed for the better.
Being cold and not sleeping is not just miserable, but bad for your health in so many ways. The fatigue, short temper and lack of focus that often follow a poor night's sleep affects learning in children plus all become prone to accidents at home, at work and on the road, let alone the long-term contribution to many medical conditions.
The Rotary Club of Papatoetoe Central have developed an extensive network with those in their community who provide support for those most in need of a helping hand.  This includes the Rawiri Community House and the social workers at several agencies such as Work & Income and Housing NZ.
As Secretary/member Manu Singh said, "It is important to us that we are helping to address real community needs".
The club holds a very successful Indian Diaspora Dinner Night in June each year that help fund several projects throughout the year.  The club prefers to hold several smaller projects carefully targeted to those with real need that one larger project.  An example around Christmas are their Christmas Food Parcels and in winter, to provide something effective for those in real need of some extra warmth.
On an appropriately chilly morning in August, 56 families identified by the social workers gathered at the D'Grand Haveli Restaurant in Manukau to received two mink quilted blankets each.  The reaction from the families was awesome and the relief of parents that the remining winter nights were one where they and their children could stay warmer and healthier was evident. One family was so appreciative they went the extra mile and brought along their priest who said a prayer of thanks before the blankets were handed out.
Fifteen additional blankets were donated to Rawiri Community House and 127 were distributed in total. So now a whole lot of people will be snuggling into their warm blankets for the rest of the winter thanks to Papatoetoe Central Rotary – people of action.