September is Basic Education and Literacy month.  This is a cause that is absolutely vital in bridging the gaping divide for those less privileged, especially the children.  Education is fundamental to their ability to surmount challenges in the future.

In Rotary year 2019 Basic Education and Literacy ranked as the third highest area of focus with funding of over US$12.5 million to support projects worldwide.  The video Rotary Supports Education describes how grants from The Rotary Foundation help alleviate the plight of the seventeen percent of the world’s adult population who are illiterate:
“Education has the power to lift families up, make real change, modify behaviour, create healthy habits and open minds.  It creates security and safety in families so that they can support, provide and make informed and empowered decisions.”
Contributions to The Rotary Foundation impact lives all around the world.  For people who would otherwise have been isolated by their educational disadvantage, it provides a path to connect to the world.