2020 marks the beginning of a new Decade.  A fresh start.  A time for Revival.
In January and February there will be a series of posts, backed by some modest and targeted NZ/Auckland advertising, on the Rotary Oceania and District 9920 Facebook pages suggesting to those wanting to try something new for the good of their communities, that Rotary is the answer they are seeking.
As we know, Rotary is grassroots at the club level so these posts will refer to the good things clubs offer.  However, it only all works if clubs, upon receiving an expression of interest, follow this through to a great conclusion.  That conclusion may be a new member, or a project volunteer, a new project, or maybe even a new sponsor.  Just if you get a phone or email inquiry, do not muff it up!  Think 'amazing customer service'.
And you are very welcome to share or copy the posts to create your own for your own club Facebook.  In fact, just do that!
The posts in January will leverage on peoples' tendency to dream of a brighter future (New Year Resolutions) and show them possibilities.  The posts in February will push the Action of contacting clubs to actually engage an a conversation about turning those possibilities into reality.
In addition to the national and Auckland advertising on Auckland club is putting $100 into their own Facebook advertising at the same time.  What about your club doing something similar?  We want to Connect with our community and we want a great 2020 so let's do it!